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Wesley Williams is the publisher and Editor of the dotCOMreport.

The is a collection of his insightful articles based on running an internet business.  Almost all of the content found on this site is unique and cannot be found on any other site.  Wesley supports these in-depth articles with timely news stories about current events that WILL impact your internet business.

Just getting started?  Wesley provides a wealth of information about how to launch your own online business and follows that up with regular emails that contain his latest "Cheat Sheets" and short cuts to help you get started.


About Wesley Williams

Wesley Williams brings his years of experience and success to the pages of the dotCOMreport as the Editor and Publisher. Wesley is the Founder of dotCOMinteractive, LLC which is the parent company of the

Wesley began his internet career in 1995 while selling software to doctors and physicians that allowed them to process their medical claims in near real-time over the Internet – Technology that was cutting edge at the time.

Wesley left to join’s sales and marketing team and ride the dot com bubble.  While at CareerBuilder, Wesley felt that employment sites still lacked the speed that the internet “promised”.  In 1998, Wesley mapped out a website structure that would instantly connect job seekers with Recruiters, HR departments and Hiring Managers based on their skill sets and current recruiting needs – much like the social networking sites that are out there today.

The plan was to jump start a job seekers career search and give a job seeker, 50, 100, or more targeted names, phone numbers and email address they could directly contact about employment, all within minutes of visiting the site - verses applying for positions that were posted on the various job sites and then waiting to be contacted.

Wesley successfully completed a round of seed funding and launched this service in late 1999, just before the big dot com bust of 2000!

After a year of struggles (and a lot of cash), in 2001, Wesley shifted the revenue to focus on Affiliate Marketing and transformed his back-end to become a solutions provider for other career related sites.  This proved to be a wise decision as the company grew and eventually had a number of the top career sites, like Yahoo HotJobs as partners.

This company was acquired in late 2004 and Wesley, although not a techie, moved on to software development.  Wesley was able to release to the public a piece of software that his previous career site had created to optimize affiliate marketing campaigns to amazing profit levels.  This software (code named “XRAY”) was an immediate hit and sold almost 1000 copies in less than 72 hours.

Wesley had also taken over the affiliate program management for one of the largest communications companies in the world.  Based on his previous knowledge and success, he was able to grow their monthly affiliate volume from less than 500 to over 12,000 transactions each month.

During this time, Wesley launched a blog on his experiences and provided information to his readers on what they would need to do to be a successful internet business owner.  This site grew to over 75,000 subscribers and is what eventually evolved into the in the summer of 2009.

After seeing SEO success in WordPress based sites, in early 2009 Wesley started building all of his sites in WordPress.  Likewise, he started creating numerous unique and very powerful WordPress Plugins based on monetizing website traffic.

These Plugins are the genesis for his next project,

Wesley is married with 3 children and lives in the suburbs of Dallas Texas.


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