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Don’t Overlook the Power of Email

Many people have all but given up on email. They have moved on to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The days of sending an email to customers is coming to an end if you listen to some. Well they are wrong, email is still a very important part of marketing your business.


Email is a way of marketing your business that is free. ( Well besides the cost of your internet service, but you would be paying for that anyway). You can send customers pictures, newsletters, documents, and many other types of attachments.


Email also allows your customers and clients to contact you. Customers like knowing if they have a question they have a way of contacting the company. Having your business's email address on the website is a great customer service tool.


Businesses can use email to send courses to customers and clients. These email course would relate to their field of business. For example a person who blogs for money could write a course on starting a blog, tips on making money with a blog, how to choose a niche for your blog, and so on. These courses are usually broken down into several days. Included in the course would be subtle links for your company.


While social media sites are on top right now there is still a huge place in marketing for email. Email allows you to send a message without conforming to 140 characters or being afraid your message will come across as spam to your friends on these sites. The people you are emailing will have signed up to get a message from you.


Don't be so quick to give up on email as a form of marketing your business.


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