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Find your Niche with Google Adsense ~

Google Adsense  covers everything from building your first website to building a virtual real estate empire. Things like how to target your keywords, how to find and target niches to how to optimize your ads.

The profitability of an Adsense niche is primarily based on the amount that Adwords advertisers are spending to compete in that niche.

Remember that an Adsense ad is only an Adwords ad that is appearing on your site and not Google. The amount that an ad generates per click is therefore directly related to the amount that Adwords advertisers are paying per click. Bottom line - if they are paying more we earn more.

So how can you find out which niches and which keywords inside those niches advertisers are spending more money on?

Keyword Research - Extend your keyword research by taking your chosen phrase and entering it into the search box, build the content, integrate the Adsense and promote your new website.

Affiliate Analysis - Forget keywords for a minute and focus on markets and their advertisers. Adwords advertisers are made up of two types of people - companies and affiliates. We can't easily find out how much companies are making but we can find out how much their affiliates are by joining up to a third party affiliate network which connects companies that are selling products and website publishers

There are hundreds upon thousands of these niches you just have to do the research and find them. Using the correct method and know where and how to look you'll be able to build a targeted site around a profitable niche within a few days.


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