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Google AdSense and Western Union Quick Cash Team Up

What is AdSense? Google developed the AdSense program for online publishers to make money from their online contributions. Whether it be from social networks, mobile applications, media and news sites to blogs even Web portals. This can be done by placing ads alongside their content without requiring direct advertiser relationships within their own sales forces.


What exactly is Quick Cash? It is a payment method that allows you to receive your AdSense payments in cash using Western Union money transfer service. The payments are then picked up at your local Western Union Agent the day after they are sent.


It makes good business sense for these two companies’s to team up and offer this service. You will not have to wait for a check to arrive in the mail. You can choose to receive your payments by Western Union and it cuts down on the bank fees and other long clearing times that are associated with depositing checks.


Another positive note on this is that AdSense does not charge you a fee if you choose to receive your money by Western Union Quick Cash.


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