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Google AdSense Announces Upcoming Webinars

In recent news, Google AdSense announced that they have several webinars coming up for AdSense participants. These special webinars will be shared with members that are seeking to discover methods that may be used to increase earnings. There will be four sessions that will be held by individuals that are part of Google's official AdSense team. On each day, different topics will be covered. Individuals that attend the webinars will be able to ask questions about the issues and concerns that they have regarding the AdSense program. Based on the information on the AdSense help forum, it appears as if these sessions will be extremely beneficial to those in attendance.


The first webinar will be held on February 10th 2010 and will cover "AdSense Optimization Basics". In this session, users will learn how to put AdSense on their websites in such a manner that optimal results in the way of earnings are optimized. On February 24th of 2010, another session will be given which covers "Advanced Optimization". This will cover many additional strategies that will assist in the advanced user in increasing their earnings. On March 2nd 2010, the third webinar, "Improving AdSense Performance using GAM" will be conducted. Finally, on March 3rd, the final webinar called "Realizing the Potential of AdSense for Search (AFS)" will be hosted.


I know as a Google AdSense participant, I am always searching for those "secrets of success" when it comes to increasing my earnings. I do like the fact that the AdSense team is taking time out to address optimization and other techniques associated with increasing earnings. I am really excited to see this. How about you? Will you be attending the webinars? Feel free to leave your opinions and experiences regarding the webinars below. If you would like to learn more about the webinars, you may visit:


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