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Google’s 2 Million Adsense Publishers Now Get the Adsense Beta Interface

The Google Adsense Beta Interface which has been in testing for over a year is now available to all 2 million of Google's adsense publishers.

According Google, the advantage of the beta interface is the better controls, insights and improved efficiency which it provides.

The beta interface now has a simple, graphical report that incorporates more options including a break down by ad type, ad size, ad unit and other metrics, which makes it easy to know what ads are working and which aren't.

Adsense publishers will now have more control over the kinds of ads to be displayed in their inventories. Publishers even have the option of blocking advertisers whose ads they do not wish to display on their sites.

The new beta interface is faster to use and publishers will find it much easier to find important and relevant data and to make changes to their accounts.

For a better grasp of how the beta interface works, watch the videos below.

Have you tried the beta interface? What did you think?   

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