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Google Adsense News Sep 22nd – +1 Now Added to Adsense Ads

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Google Adsense News Oct 5th - Adsense Placement Targeting

I've been testing a few different Adsense Ad layouts and I'll release the results soon but until then, Here's an update on the latest in the world of Adsense! Most of the included articles are from Google directly so make sure you take a look to see what the latest is as well as the "Yet Anothe.... More »
This News Update will be short and to the point. The biggest Adsense topic right now is that Google has decided to add the +1 function to Adsense ads. This will be interesting to see the outcome on CTR and the such. Google tests everything before releasing it to the public so we’ll see.

I run Adsense ads here on the dotCOMreport so I’ll let you know what kind of impact I see from this new addition.

What are your thoughts on adding the +1 button to Adsense ads. Do you think this will hurt or help your earnings? What about as an advertiser, will this help boost your CTRs?

+1: Now making Display ads more relevant

Earlier today we announced several exciting new additions to Google+, including open signups.  We’d like to announce one more addition for our AdSense publishers, +1 on the Google Display Network.

Starting in October, the +1 button will begin to appear on display ads on your site. With a single click, people will now be able to endorse specific ads and make them more likely to appear to their social connections…

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Do you have a question about AdSense policies? Have you ever received a policy notification from AdSense? Do you sometimes worry about your account security? We’d like to invite you to an upcoming free AdSense policy webinar that’s designed to help publishers stay compliant with Google AdSense program policies…

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New home for URL channels under the My ads tab
If you’ve logged in today, you may have noticed that you can now create and manage your URL channels under the My ads tab. Since you already manage your custom channels from the My ads tab, we hope this move will provide a more consistent experience when managing all of your channels. At the same time, you can continue to view the performance of your various channels under the Performance reports tab…

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With the arrival of fall, the holiday shopping season begins. Give your readers an early start by posting Google
Affiliate Network Exclusive Opportunities on your site, and also earn additional revenue. Over 40 great shopping opportunities will be available exclusively to Google Affiliate Network

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