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Google Buzz to Optimize Earnings in Google AdSense?

Recently, Google launched the anticipated Google Buzz. Right now, this amazing new tool is offered through Gmail. It allows users to the Gmail program the ability to share various types of files, and even feeds that are directly related to social media. Shortly thereafter, Google discovered that posts and various types of comments were coming in at an amazing one hundred sixty thousand an hour! Most Google AdSense users were probably logging in to check their website email when they got the option of adding Buzz or the "Nah" option...but many of these individuals immediately latched on to the idea that this new Buzz could be what they need to increase their AdSense earnings.


It is all about trial and error, right? I am not sure about you, but I personally achieved a lot of success using the popular Yahoo Buzz program myself. Not only do these social media websites help you acquire traffic that is considered to be "targeted", but this could increase the amount of times that your Google Ads are clicked on. Naturally, that means more money in your pocket! When I thought back on my experience with Yahoo Buzz, the whole concept of a Google Buzz definitely caught my interest!


At this point, we will all just have to wait and see how this Buzz deal pans out. My guess is, because of the fact that social media is the way to success online and that Google's name is attached to it, many will jump on this wagon and ride their way right into a modern day sports car! Let's think about it - Google - the internet guru. If they did not fully believe that Google Buzz would take the market by storm, they would not have created and launched it. What are your thoughts? For more, read:


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