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Google’s Nexus One Google AdSense Strategy Failing?

All of us have read about the Google cell phone called "Nexus One" that would be integrating Google AdSense in order to increase profits for the company, businesses, and AdSense users alike. Unfortunately, the first week that the suspected "highly anticipated" phone was released, Google only sold twenty thousand. Not very impressive for the internet guru, is it? According to blog marketer Ron Miller the whole idea of this AdSense and cell phone thing seemed to be a mistake right from the start. He quotes: "What's more, Google appears to be cannibalizing their own ad space to prop up sluggish phone sales". Is Google digging their hole deeper?


In addition to crumbling hope at the success of the Nexus One phone, it appears that the customer service associated with the phone that is offered by Google is a little less than appealing. It has been said that they are simply unable to handle the overall demand of the complaints that are consistently pouring into the website. Is this Google AdSense strategy failing? Well, we will have to wait and see overall. However, in my opinion, the numbers seem to speak for themselves. What do you think of all this? Please feel free to leave your comments below. For more information on this, visit the following link:


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