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Increasing Your Real Time Search Results

Getting more traffic to your website may be easier than you think. There are certain things that are important to follow so that you can be found in a real time search much quicker. Of course, we all know that keywords are important, but putting them in your title as well as in your content. This way it will be picked up in a relevant search query better.

Another way is to be up to date with the happenings going on around your business or life in general. Engaging a conversation, i.e., through twitter or facebook can increase your website traffic immensely. You don’t have to throw in links every time, just be personable. Also, if you use Twitter or Facebook, expose yourself by having plenty of followers on your “social accounts”. You can certainly gain exposure to your website this way.

Add in buttons such as Tweetmeme’s or Digg’s into your web content. Just as I mentioned above, this will engage the reader to share your webpage with another person, thus increasing your probability to be found in a real time search.

By following a few simple tips, you can increase your website traffic in no time. After all, in this economy it is actually the smart way to go.


Be Social

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