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Why Startup Businesses Need PPC Services + MORE – Google Adwords News Apr 6th

Here’s today’s update on Adwords!

Adwords can make or break an online business and if you understand how it works it can give your online business the boost you’ve been seeking.

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“Why Startup Businesses Need PPC Services”

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Google SiteLinks Are All Grown Up

Google SiteLinks Are All Grown UpSince the introduction of SiteLinks, Google has been collecting lot of data, as well as experimenting with a plethora of expansion opportunities. The conclusion to their never-ending testing and tweaking has been called “one of the strongest performing experiments” at Google.  Enhanced, augmented, amplified, or upgraded – any way you put it, the Google SiteLinks Extensions have grown up and out, literally…
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The real time world of display advertising

The real time world of display advertisingIn a fast-paced, real-time world, advertisers must act fast. A timely message can make all the difference. To better understand the dramatic ramifications of real-time online advertising, we’ll focus on its three pillars in a 3-part series: bidding, dynamic creative (content) and messaging.Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Although RTB is still in its infancy, much has already been written about this latest disruptive technology…
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Why Startup Businesses Need PPC Services

Why Startup Businesses Need PPC Services Most companies find it difficult to break into their respective realms effectively when there are other businesses that have already become well established. Many people are now going to small businesses to get the personalized attention and information they need, since so many chain stores have resorted to hiring sales associates with little to no knowledge of what they are selling…
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Four Essential Rules to PPC Remarketing

Four Essential Rules to PPC RemarketingGuest post by Brittany Baeslack of LunaMetricsIf you work in Paid Search, you know that the term “Remarketing” (often referred to as “Retargeting”) is all the rage right now.  What often happens when buzz-words take wind, however, is misuse by marketers.  Advertisers are often so anxious to take advantage of these new tools or offerings that they don’t truly polish off the effort, and therefore get results that are less than desired…
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