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How to Profit from Bing Advertising

Of course by now everyone is familiar with Bing and its emergence in the world of the search engines and online marketing. It really made a big splash when it first came out, and immediately won over a good amount of consumers, households and businesses. While Google is still the huge player amongst the search engines, Bing is a very valuable medium as well, and you can profit greatly by advertising on its results pages.


Advertising on Bing through their system is very similar to advertising on Google with Adwords. What you end up doing is picking out certain search words or phrases that you want to rank for, and you set your own price for how much you're willing to pay. You then get to display your own handwritten advertisements and in turn drive a great amount of traffic to your website, blog or product specific landing page.


In general, this form of advertising when done correctly can be very profitable. You can carefully pick out your market and set your own budget, and then acquire new prospects and leads for a set, affordable price. If you get good at converting these prospects and producing sales, then you'll be seeing a huge growth in your sales and revenue, and you'll have at your fingertips a near endless array of potential customers, all waiting to buy the product as well. Once you master the basic system, it's a formula that you can continue to apply and work with to see amazing results.


But in terms of using Bing specifically for your advertising, you have to consider how Bing is different from Google. Bing markets itself not as a search engine but as a decision engine. Their results pages are more media-rich and intuitive, and a certain group of people tend to prefer this over the more standard Google look, feel and results. You can follow these same tactics and meet these consumers in their own preferred medium, and you'll make some really fantastic progress as a result.


You also have to consider that Bing is still a much smaller outlet than Google. This is true both for how many people use the search engine, and how many businesses and individuals choose to use their advertising platform. What this boils down to is that you can often find many untouched markets and niches that would be prohibitively expensive or difficult in Google, now at an easy to reach platform and price level.


Now you can go after these otherwise untouchable products, niches and services, and begin to dominate them. Because there's less competition and because there are fewer users, that means that there's an amazing opportunity to jump right in before they all get too crowded. You can still reach a huge amount of consumers and produce a huge number of sales, but you can do so for a lowered price, in a sometimes less competitive atmosphere.


So if you've been using Adwords for your online marketing then it's time to consider advertising with Bing as well. And if you haven't used either before, then you might want to get started with Bing, which offers a potentially lower level of competition and lower price ranges for results that are just as good or better. Follow the above tips and use this information correctly and you'll be on your way to seeing great profit from Bing advertising.


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