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Updated Keyword Tool Released By Google

Google has a new keyword tool. Google has called this new keyword tool "The Keyword Tool". This new version has finally come out of beta and is ready to replace the two previous predecessors. Those were the familiar tools of the original keyword tool and the Search-based Keyword Tool.


In order to access the new The Keyword Tool, you will go to the same web address as you went to access the original keyword tool. While you can access the new tool without having to be signed in, Google recommends being logged into your AdWords account.


Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that you will see lower search volume counts. This is because Google has changed how the Global Monthly Searches are calculated. Local Monthly Searches are also calculated differently now. The statistics in these columns are based on search traffic from only now. In the past, the statistics also had traffic from search partners.


There are several benefits from "The Keyword Tool" that users will be able to enjoy. There are flexible search options. Now you will be able to search by any combination of URL, keyword, and category if available and you will get a single set of results. It is easier to filter results by match type, either keyword or word. Negative keywords can be added easily and there are advanced options such as filters that are based on local searches.


This could be extremely useful for anyone that works online and especially for businesses that rely heavily on keywords such as affiliate marketers or bloggers. The added ability of local and mobile search results can help gain your business exposure and you will easily be able to narrow down what keywords and keyword phrases are working the best for your business.


Do you think that this new version of Google's keyword tool will be helpful to your business? Or should Google have left it as it was?


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