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4 Helpful Tips to Profit from WordPress

When social networking came along, its reach was underestimated. Out of that whole mindset came the idea of web logs or blogs. A blog is a place where information is posted and people read it. The most popular blog site available right now is Wordpress and here is how to profit from using it for your website.


First, Wordpress is easy to use even for total novices who have never seen a blog before. A beginner can open up a new blog and be off and running in a literally matter of minutes. The admin interface is user friendly and can be accessed from anywhere. This means the user can update the blog any time, day or night, 24 hours a day.


But the question here is HOW to use Wordpress to profit from your web site. That answer can go one of several ways. We will look at the most obvious and simple, yet effective, ones here. So here we go.


Drive traffic

Making sales at your website is a numbers game. The more visitors you get, the more chances of a sale you have. Use your Wordpress blog to generate interest and drive people to your site. Post many small interesting blurbs that end with the reader going to the site.


Lead capture

Every website needs to generate leads on a daily basis. A Wordpress blog can be used to capture a reader's information. This is called lead capture and will drive your sales into overdrive quick. AT the end of the blurb, offer a small freebie or premium of some sort in exchange for their email address. Do not ask for too much info or you could turn them away.



The art of pre-selling is tantamount to sales generation. It is a very simple concept that anybody can master. Use the Wordpress blog to build up your product and get the reader interested. Invite them to your website and they will probably buy the product. While they are there, salt their interest a bit by showing what else you have that may complement what they came for.


Social network links

The lifeblood of any blog is network links. Sounds difficult but is really simple and easy to understand. Make use of social sites like Facebook, Myspace or Twitter for advertising purposes. It is free and effective, folks. You have the possibility of getting your product(s) in front of millions of people in a short period of time. Link your social network page to your Wordpress blog site.


What happens is that you build some hype around your product and gather friends or, as I like to call it, a customer base. They tell a friend, then they tell another friend and so on. The result is visibility to thousands of prospective customers very quickly. The best thing about this is that everyone who joins your blog or social network page is what is called a "targeted lead".


These are only a few of the many possibilities to lead you to massive profitability using a Wordpress blog for your website. It's easy, its effective and above all, it works!


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