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No RX Celexa

No RX Celexa, There is a new scam targeting twitter users. It claims that it can show you who visits your twitter profile, 10mg Celexa. Celexa japan, With this scam users are duped into granting the application access to their accounts. Once it has this information, Celexa ebay, 150mg Celexa, it sends out spam tweets with your username. Also when you click on the link trying to find out how many people have seen your profile, 50mg Celexa, Celexa usa, a pop up window shows up claiming to show you the number of people that have viewed your profile. This number appears to be random at first glance, No RX Celexa. After this pop up window appears, Celexa paypal, Celexa overseas, another one shows up asking the user to complete a survey, supposedly to prove that the user is actually human, 200mg Celexa. 20mg Celexa, Once the user finishes the survey, they are also asked to input their cell phone number to get further questions, 500mg Celexa. Celexa australia, However, the small print says that the user will be charged $2.00 per question for four questions a week.

The moral of this story is that you should never allow any random application to have access to your twitter account, 100mg Celexa. 750mg Celexa, Also do not just go clicking on any link you see on twitter. No RX Celexa, I know a lot of people use the url shorteners to post things to twitter. Just send an @ reply message to the person that posted the link in question, Celexa canada. Celexa uk, Ask them if they can send you a longer link via direct message or email. If they refuse, 30mg Celexa, 1000mg Celexa, never answer you, or do not even know what the link is, Celexa craiglist, Celexa india, that might be a clue that it is a scam, spam or their account got hacked, 40mg Celexa. 250mg Celexa, Also, if you see something interesting on Twitter, Celexa us, Celexa coupon, Google it before you click on the link. If the link is something reputable you should see the site come up in Google, Celexa mexico. Also, if it is a scam, you will probably see tons of news reports about the site.

A lot of Twitter scams get spread quickly because people do not use their heads. They just randomly click on stuff because it looks cute or cool. When they do that, they wind up losing their twitter account or even worse downloading viruses or malware to their computers.

Please share this information with a friend so they can protect themselves from Twitter scams.
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