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Best Places to Submit Your Blog

Gaining traffic to your blog is not only important for your blog but for you too.  Some of the basics of SEO (search engine optimization) steps are adding keyword and phrases that are good and friendly titles, along with appropriate URL structure and descriptions. Listing a blog on blog directories is one of the main steps of link building.

Blog Catalog

Blog Catalog offers a large directory of categories from education, business, social activism, humor, SEO, fashion, movies, design, photography, blogging, software, health, music, marketing,  sports, news, media, food, arts, travel, family, politics, tech and more.  The site allows you to search by user, language or country.

Blog Search Engine

Blog Search Engine is a part of the Performancing SplashPressMedia  company. This search engine has a big selection of categories available to choose from including advertising, blog news, business, charity, car, education, diet and exercise, DIY, books and literature, environment, health, inspirational, job and career, lifehacking,  writing, relationshops, news and more.

Bloggeries - Blog Resource

This is an easy directory to place your blog links. Bloggeries are known to have the best categories available.  Some of the topics available are business, computes, education, finance, foreign, health, humor, podcasting, shopping, writing, sports,  vlogs, resources, and more. is a free blog directory where you can submit the RSS feeds of your blogs to their directory. can also setup your own blog ranking or also known as a micro-directory and basically put together a list of all of your favorites blogs you visit in one location. OnTopList is also a social networking site that allows you to communicate and socialize with other bloggers. The social network also allows you to promote your blogs which will allow you to attract additional more readers.

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