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BloggingPro Job Board Highlights, October 6, 2014 + MORE – Blogging News -Oct 07

BloggingPro Job Board Highlights, October 6, 2014 + MORE - Blogging News -Oct 07

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Check Out This Collaborative Blog Platform + MORE - Blogging News -Jan 06

Recently I came across a website called Presstream, and I thought the concept was quite interesting. It’s basically a collaborative blog platform. It’s a platform because they provide you the software and the hosting. You need to signup, and your chosen username will also be your domain..... More »
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Why a Great Profile Picture is a Blogger’s Most Powerful Tool – And How to Get One + MORE - Blogging News -Jun 08

This is a guest contribution from Kathy Wilson of Elite Reputations. For most bloggers starting out, one of the very first tasks in stepping into the online arena is to upload a photo of themselves. For some, putting a profile picture online is a way of creating an authentic connection with their.... More »
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10 PBEVENT Speakers Share their Morning Routine + MORE - Blogging News -Jun 24

There’s a real buzz in the air now that the ProBlogger Training Event schedule has been released. Everywhere, people are chatting about where they’re going to be when, sessions are being highlighted, and bloggers are stalking the guest list, wondering who they’re going to meet. We.... More »
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Write Right: Helpful Online Blogging Communities to Build Your Freelancing Career + MORE - Blogging News -Apr 21

The Write Right series is a collection of blog posts geared towards helping writers launch their very own freelance career. The series will cover the things that every freelancer needs to possess or accomplish. Click here to view all the posts under this series. As a freelance blogger,.... More »
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Using Cryptic Writing For Personal Blogs + MORE - Blogging News -Feb 09

A personal blog can be a great place to vent out the frustrations of your daily life. From marriage woes to work conflicts, writing out your feelings and emotions can be a helpful way to release the frustration and anger you may be holding on to. However, when you share something online, it suddenly.... More »
The Rainmaker Reseller Program: Come See What All the Fuss Is About Content marketing works. This is no longer up for debate. Granted, there are no shortcuts. You have to publish useful content that stands out above the noise, you have to do it consistently over the long haul, and your content strategy needs to place you into a particular kind of role relative to your audience…

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Thinking of Rebranding Your Blog? Read This. Rebranding an established and successful business? Why would you do that? For some, the risk of changing the name of something people have grown to know and love is too big. For others, the risk of being boxed into something they no longer feel much affinity for is even bigger. No doubt it’s a scary leap to rebrand a blog – would people still read? Would a slight shift in direction upset the established audience? Would the to-do list of technical issues be too overwhelming? Would you lose all that Google love you’ve built up over the years? At some point, if you’ve felt the rumbling undercurrent of wanting to make a change, you’ll decide those reasons are no longer enough to hold you back…

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So you’re convinced that your business needs more than a static website and you want to use a business blog as a means of marketing your products and services. Fortunately, it’s never too late to start content marketing to grow your online presence. Having a business blog is more of a necessity than a perk these days, and with this in mind, you simply need to sit down and consider some important factors before you start your business blog…

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The 7 Keys to List Posts that Are Worth Writing (and Reading) A lot of smart writers can’t stand list posts. What’s a list post? It’s also known as a numbered list post, or a (shudder) listicle, and it’s a post whose headline features a numbered collection of things. This post, for example, is a list post. There are an awful lot of crummy ones out there…

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How Does ISO 9001 Certification Affect Freelance Writers?No doubt, when you look for freelance writing jobs – as a blogger, content creator, or copywriter – you’ve come across the label ISO 9001. Many companies advertise that they have ISO 9001 Certification. Source What are the implications of this label for freelance writers? How does ISO 9001 affect you? To start with, it’s better to clarify exactly what ISO 9001 means…

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How Our eBook Launches Have Evolved (after 235,000 eBook Sales)This week on my main blog – Digital Photography School – we launched our 24th photographic eBook (a guide to post production of portrait images) and it got me thinking back about some of the changes in my blogging since I started back in 2002. Over the last five years I’ve completely changed the way that I monetise my blogs…

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BloggingPro Job Board Highlights, October 6, 2014It’s the start of the week once again, and as usual, we’re bringing you the job board highlights. We hope you find some good gigs today. Social Media/Online Publishing/WordPress Blogger A blog network is looking for a blogger: -with experience writing about the web, WordPress, social media, and blogging/writing -who keeps tabs on the latest Internet/social media/blogging/WordPress trends and news -who is committed and reliable…

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For some people Twitter is simply a way to put their thoughts out about what’s going on in their world. But for us bloggers Twitter is a valuable tool to get more people to read our content. I won’t be able to count all those hours spent learning the trendiest Twitter Marketing tactics and then trying them out on my blog…

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