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How Article Writers Write Persuasively

One of the important skills that every article writer must learn is how to write persuasively.  Persuasive writing will definitely come in handy when it comes to convincing your readers about an idea.  This works well not only in advocacy campaigns.  It also does the trick in making a sales pitch in website.


Every writer can write a piece.  However not all of them know how to persuade.  In order to make your article writing as persuasive as possible, follow these steps:

Pick a title

All writing pieces start by selecting a powerful title.  However, in persuasive writing, the important thing is to choose a title that is compelling enough for the readers.  It must be striking even at first glance.  For example, instead of saying “The Disadvantages of Overeating”, have a more persuasive take by saying “Warning: Overeating Health Risks that You Must Know”.

Get an opening statement

Opening statements in normal writing are usually from the words of the writer.  In persuasive article writing, it is best to pick a quote or a statement from a trusted source.  It can be from a popular leader, a famous personality or a trusted expert.  It must be from a person who has credibility and will back up the idea which the article writer is trying to instill in its readers.

Come up with key points

Persuasive writing, just like all other styles, requires having key points.  The difference is that persuasion is done more effectively when the key points are stated through a thesis statement.  This is like providing a brief on what the writer will discuss on the body of the article.

Discuss the key points

What better way to persuade than to thoroughly explain each point?  Take time to discuss each of the key points by giving clear and comprehensive explanation for each.  Do not assume that the readers know what the idea is about.  Back up the ideas by citing facts and statistics.  Do not just include details that have no basis at all.

Use a closing statement

When closing a persuasive speech, it is best to summarize the ideas discussed all throughout the article body.  Do it clearly and concisely.  This shows to the readers how much the article writer is certain about the facts that he has included.

The purpose of persuasive article writing is to convince the readers.  A good persuasive article has sufficiently established the points the writer wants the readers to know and believe.

To your article writing success!


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