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How to Profit from An External Blog for your Website

When you have an existing website, whether it's an e-commerce site and online store, or simply an online presence for your brick and mortar business, you may want to add an external blog to your collection. Now, why would you want to create a separate blog when you already have a website? There are actually several great reasons for doing just this, and ultimately, you'll be able to earn more profit and succeed at a higher level, which is what all of this is about.


One of the best reasons and ways to utilize an external blog in order to help profit more from your existing website is by simply improving your rankings within the search engines. As you probably already know, incoming links are one of the fundamental ranking elements within Google and the other more search engines and outlets. By creating an external blog, and linking back to your website with it, you'll be adding many more incoming links.


Plus, you'll be the one controlling the anchor text, which means you can derive many more benefits. Instead of your links saying random things or "click here" you can carefully target all of them, to help improve your rankings for specific phrases you want to target. Therefore, you get a lot more incoming links, and you get to control the anchor text, providing the best of both worlds and helping to improve your rankings substantially.


Another great aspect of this is that you'll be helping to grow your presence and your reach online. With a blog, as you're writing informal, timely topics that are of interest to other people, you'll be able to drive much more traffic than you would otherwise. These people will read your posts, but then also become aware of your website itself. This helps grow your brand and your recognition levels.


Taken a step further though, you'll also be helping to create more future customers. If you write content on your blog that is really informative, useful and valuable, then people will begin to trust and respect your opinion. If they have questions, need advice, or are ready to buy a product, you'll definitely be the person or business that they turn to. You'll be building a legion of prospects that are ready for you to convert later on down the road, and it's all about proving your worth and winning their trust.


Of course, these are just a few of the ways that you can profit and benefit by having an external blog in addition to your website. With these strategies in place, you'll be able to quickly grow your business and online presence, and see more success. And this didn't even mention advertising directly on the blog, promoting affiliate products, and everything else that you can do! An external blog can be a great tool to add to your collection to help grow your existing website.


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