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How to Profit from your own Blog Website

Having your own blog website can be a great way to drive more traffic and prospects to your actual products and services, while growing your presence and increasing your reach. You can actually profit from a blog website in many different ways, and it's important to understand how it really works and how you'll be able to benefit. This simple plan can have you greatly increasing your potential profits in a very short amount of time.


When you already have a website and you sell a product or service, one of the key things you have to do is drive traffic to your site and increase your positioning within the search engines. Creating a separate blog website is a fantastic way to achieve both of these things and more, and the exact benefits you see will depend on which route you end up taking.


One option for you is to build a blog website on the same domain as your regular site, with your products and services. Therefore, if your website is, then your blog website could be The articles on your blog will then be drawing traffic directly to your main domain through search engine visitors, and hopefully you'll gain a reputation for providing high quality and useful information, which grows your presence and increases the quality of your brand.


Another option though is to host the blog on a separate domain. In this case you could either be something like, or This is now an entirely separate entity on its own, although it's of course still directly related to your company. The benefits of having your blog hosted separately are that now the incoming links leading back to your products will increase your PageRank and reputation within the search engines.


Therefore you will be able to quickly rise past some of your competition and get found easier by people conducting searches, leading to more high quality traffic, prospects and ultimately profits. The downside as opposed to having the blog on your domain is that you aren't directly bringing traffic towards your actual site, but instead are getting the increased search engine value.


So it's really a choice of which benefits you are mainly trying to see, and what works easiest with the system you have set up. Sometimes it's just not that easy to get a fully functional, high quality blog on the domain you already have, or sometimes it's just easier to handle running things separately. Therefore, it's a combination of what you're trying to accomplish and what's best for your individual circumstances.


This is of course just a quick starter's guide for profiting from a blog website. The key thing to remember is that you can either host it on your site, or host it separately. The benefits you see from each option are different, although either route can lead to an increased presence and a more profitable business. Pick the option that works best for your company and products, and the one that leads to the biggest benefits for your own needs.


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