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Is Blogging still worth it?

Those of you that are bloggers, I pose these questions to you. Are blogs really worth it? Do we even know or care what good they do?


The history of blogging began to take of in 1999 when Evan Williams launched Blogger, so what has really changed since then. Has it become more influential to blog?


Some people discuss politics and blog about it but does it affect anyone? The blogs I read are starting to sound act and look like syndicated television show. They are more of a platform then sending out objective news.


What about Twitter and Facebook? How have they affected blogging? A great deal if you think about it! There seems to be some race to the finish line as to who posts a blog first about a news event, which in my opinion reflects on the opinions and reporting qualities.


What about the newer platforms such as Tumblr and Posterous, they seem to be gaining some users and are definitely picking up in volume.


What about the more traditional platform such as WordPress and Movable Type? What is going to happen to those with all the newer forms of platforms being introduced into social networking? Will they survive?


So, how do you make the blogging community better? Do you think anonymity is really necessary anymore? Look at the economics of blogs, is there really any money to be made there? It appears that Blogs are now our new way of news reporting for newspapers all over the world, definitely economically efficient for them I suppose but will it eventually replace the paper news you used to receive on your doorstep?


These questions filled my mind today as I read blog after blog trying to figure out if there really was anything really worth blogging about to anyone today, because it appeared everyone else had it covered!


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