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Misconceptions About Blogging for Money

Everyone seems to be jumping on the blogging for money bandwagon. They have dreams of their blog becoming a huge hit over night. They think they can soon quit their day job and live off the earnings from their blog.


These are misconceptions about blogging for money. Sure your blog can become popular and make you a decent amount of money, but it won't happen overnight. There are certain things you must accomplish before your blog is going to hit the big time.


Building a blog following takes time. Just because you create a new blog and make your first post doesn't mean you will have hundreds of people waiting to read it. You have to keep posting new content regularly that people will be interested in. Getting people to read your blog can be a challenge. Your friends and family are only going to read so many times. You can't count on them to make your blog successful.


Just because you have a blog doesn't mean you are going to make money. You have to put time and effort into a blog if you want to make any money. Even then you may only make enough for a trip to Starbucks. You have to get traffic to your blog and then get those visitors to be interested enough in your ads to click on them. You have to spend time testing what is working and make changes with what is not.


There is always the who you know factor. Knowing some successful people already can help you build your blog following. Get them to mention your blog on their website. Do an interview with them on your blog.


Making money from your blog can be done, but it won't happen overnight. You won't be able to quit your day job anytime soon. It will require many long hours coming up with content that people want to read. This doesn't mean give up on making money with your blog, it just means don't fall for the misconceptions about blogging for money.


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