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New FTC Rules Go Into Effect Next Week

December 1 is the start date for the new FTC rules for anyone that writes online product reviews. This includes bloggers. The rules are far from simple, but the main key is if you receive a product for free to review, or you were paid in any form for a product review you have to disclose that fact.


Readers want to know that the product review they are reading is real. They want to know that you were not paid to give a glowing review even if the product was junk. The new FTC rules will allow this to happen.


The FTC has said they will take violations on a case by case basis. If you want to be safe though I would recommend adding a disclosure on all reviews. If you got the item for free to do a review make sure you tell your readers. If you bought the item yourself, include that in your review. If you were paid by the company in any way to do the review you better include that info.


What do you think of the FTC's new rules? Do you think they will have a big affect on how people perceive reviews from bloggers? Are you going to comply with the rules? Let us hear your thoughts.


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