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New Way to Measure Social Media Effectiveness

Social media, which includes sites such as Facebook and Twitter, is a very effective way of building an online business. ShareThis has social media share buttons all over the web and located in many different kinds of content. Every month, 400 million people are reached through the ShareThis buttons. Now, ShareThis has released a new way of measuring how effective your social media efforts are.


Audience Index allows publishers to not only understand but to compare their specific social audiences with those of 850,000 other sites and soon they will be able to compare the results against categories as well. Publishers can also find out what influencers are attracted to their sites and how well they are connecting with engaged customers, listeners, and influencers.


Social Reach is another new method by ShareThis and measures social referral analytics. This particular metric measures how effective shared media is across the internet. It does this by looking at both the outbound and inbound social traffic and it gives credit to both the original sharer/influencer and the responder/listener. Publishers will be able to get a much more accurate measurement of how their content is circulating the Web once it is shared on any service. This will give publishers a lot more information than the simple share numbers that are offered by companies such as Facebook.


The Social Reach score is able to be displayed anywhere that ShareThis buttons are installed, making it easy for publishers to find the information they need. The information that publishers can receive is extremely useful. For example, TechCrunch is most often shared by Facebook users, who account for 45 percent of the shared content. Email users follow at 34 percent while Twitter is third in line with 12 percent.


At first glance, it may seem like Facebook is the most effective method of sharing. However, with the new measuring systems from ShareThis, email actually seems to be the most effective. This is because people are more likely to click links in emails and as a result, out of the 34 percent of the emails that were sent, 31 percent were clicked on. Only 36 percent of Facebook's 45 percent were actually clicked on. This information can help publishers optimize their social media marketing and easily grow their businesses.


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