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One Simple WordPress Trick You May Have Missed: Using “Screen Options” + MORE – Blogging News -Oct 04

One Simple WordPress Trick You May Have Missed: Using “Screen Options” + MORE - Blogging News -Oct 04

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David Ogilvy’s Prophetic “Secret Weapon” of Selling + MORE - Blogging News -Nov 25

Almost forty years ago, storied ad man David Ogilvy sat down in an office somewhere in India and recorded a little film confessing the — as he put it — “secret weapon” of advertising that actually works. It was a hot day, so he took off his jacket, exposing his infamous red .... More »

What’s the Best Way to Grow Your Blog? + MORE - Blogging News -May 19

Wouldn’t it be great if there was one super-fast guaranteed way to grow any blog quickly? Well, let me break it to you: there’s not! (And you shouldn’t believe anyone who tells you there is.) However, there are plenty of tried and tested ways to get more traffic — targeted traffic rather.... More »
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12 Writing Exercises That Will Transform Your Copy Today + MORE - Blogging News -Feb 03

Effective copywriting boils down to one thing: keying into your prospect’s overriding need. Your headline is the means of stopping your prospect in his tracks, of focusing his attention on one single thought: that overriding need. The rest of your copy must amplify that need. When it do.... More »

Four Types of Popular Blog Post That Don’t Require Much Writing + MORE - Blogging News -Nov 18

Do you wish you could produce great blog posts with a minimum of writing? Well … you can! And they might even turn out to be some of the most popular posts on your blog. I’m not talking about using video, audio or images here – though all of those can work very well. You can create a norma.... More »

Top 5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Developer to Build Your Blog + MORE - Blogging News -Mar 10

A professionally designed and developed website is always best when launching your blog with the hope of captivating an audience and seriously making your mark in the blogosphere. A beautiful, user-friendly design can contribute significantly to the success or failure of your site as more readers a.... More »
If you’ve been around the blogging world for any length of time, you’ll have come across guest posts. You might even have written a few yourself. Once your own blog has some readers and some engagement, you might start to receive enquiries from would-be guest posters. (Or you might want to handpick some blogger friends […]Wanna learn how to make more money with your website? Check the Online Profits training program!

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What do you do to avoid blogger burnout? How do you stay inspired? Monique Frausto asked the above question on Twitter late last week and because it was a bit too big of a topic to tackle in 140 characters, I thought I’d jot a few random thoughts down here. 1. Know Your Limits and Set Realistic Goals We all have a limited amount of time and energy to put into blogging regardless – whether we’re blogging while juggling full time work or our blog is our full time work…

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The Truth About SEO & Dedicated IP For BloggersThere is a great deal of confusion surrounding the issue of whether or not having a dedicated IP offers a significant boost in terms of SEO. For a long time many webmasters believed that having a dedicated IP address would improve the website’s page ranking and even although Google have dispelled this myth there are still many people who believe this to be true…

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Three Online Marketing Shortcuts that Take Too Long Sometimes people hear online marketing and their common sense flies out the window. They start thinking there won’t be any work (there will), there won’t be any expenses (a lot lower than standard offline advertising, but not zero), and that customers and clients will be magically transported to your business by flying Internet monkeys (that would rock, but sadly, no)…

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5 Tips on the Effective Use of Copywriting Swipe Files Smart copywriters use good tools to make themselves more productive, and one of those “power” tools is the swipe file. Used properly, it can get you writing quickly, provide inspiration, and improve your copywriting skills. But what if you don’t use a swipe file correctly? Uh-oh … Your copy doesn’t hold the attention of your reader The language annoys your target market It makes you look unprofessional If you want to skip these problems, and get the best benefits from using your swipe file, read on … When ‘swiping’ killer copy kills your own promotion Successful marketing materials can run for years using the same copy…

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120 Blogging tips to promote your blog (via SOURCE 120 ways to promote your blog A blog is one of the most effective ways to promote your business and website. These 120 Blogging tips are divided into a 9 part series. A comprehensive list of tips to promote your blog and power up your Social…  

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Link Building: Trust, Relevance, and DiversityIt’s no secret that link building is one of the most popular methods for small businesses looking to improve their online rankings.  For this reason, there have been tons of companies, experts, and new tools surfacing to try and help companies build a link portfolio and earn quality backlinks. Unfortunately, this also means that there are many SEO agencies and articles out there trying to cut corners and offer poor link building advice (which is easy to do when working in such a changing industry like SEO)…

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All my sites run on WordPress, and for months, I’ve been having a small but annoying problem: I couldn’t switch off comments on individual posts and pages in the normal Editing mode.Wanna learn how to make more money with your website? Check the Online Profits training program!

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