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How to Grow Your Google Rankings

Growing your Google ranking helps with increasing traffic to your site.   They are several different ways to do this task and these methods come from other bloggers and webmasters through trial and error with a complete focus on tracking statistics of their sites. Keep in mind that growing your Go.... More »

Askmen's A List Newsletter Shared Via Foursquare

In a bid to strengthen its fast-growing newsletter ‘The A List’, has announced a partnership with location-based social network Foursquare. Content from the site’s local travel and entertainment themed newsletter will automatically be shared via Foursquare.The A List publishes conte.... More »
Easy Steps to Add a Welcome Pop-Up Box on Your Blog + MORE - Blogging News -Jun 30

Easy Steps to Add a Welcome Pop-Up Box on Your Blog + MORE - Blogging News -Jun 30

Have You Ever Thought About Writing an Ebook? Read This First… - DailyBlogTips.comYou probably know the benefits an ebook could have for your blog (and your business). It could be a free incentive that helps nudge readers to sign up for your newsletter. It could be your first pai.... More »

Is Blogging still worth it?

Those of you that are bloggers, I pose these questions to you. Are blogs really worth it? Do we even know or care what good they do?   The history of blogging began to take of in 1999 when Evan Williams launched Blogger, so what has really changed since then. Has it become more influential to blo.... More »

FTC Wants Bloggers to Expose if they got Paid to Review a Product

Bloggers have been getting free items or getting reimbursed for doing product reviews for awhile now. They would test out the item and review it on their blog. They were sometimes paid to give a positive review whether they thought the item should have gotten a good review or not. This information w.... More »

If you have a business and are trying to predict the next big trend consider using the new Twitter prediction website. It starts you out with 10,000 virtual dollars to use to buy slots. Each slot is used for one word. The more the word is used on Twitter the higher its value will be.


It is simple to use just go to and sign in with your Twitter account. Next, start buying your slots and entering the words you think will be most popular. Then you wait and see if you were able to predict the next hot trend on Twitter. is meant for fun, but it could also help businesses see what people are talking about the most at the current time.



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