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Promote Your WordPress Blog Across Social Networks

It's just gotten easier for WordPress bloggers to share their posts.


Automattic has developed social buttons for users. This follows in the footsteps of platforms like OnSugar, which is a Drupal blog service, and Blogger. Those who self host their WordPress blogs will be able to take advantage of the new social buttons because Automattic plans on porting the new feature.


A reblog feature, similar to that which Typepad uses, is also going to be released for WordPress users. The reblog feature allows users to repost snippets of a blog post they particularly liked, including a link that will take readers back to the original post. Any images are also included automatically as thumbnails and users can even add their own comments to the reblog posts if they want to.


Currently, those who use a self hosted WordPress blog or who blog on can already use social buttons for networks like Twitter and can even add the Facebook Like button to their posts thanks to third-party plugins. While this makes it easier for readers to share posts, it can also cause problems with your blog's design. Many times, the social buttons that are added via plugins are simply eyesores. They can overwhelm your blog's design and most of the time, you cannot change how they appear so you are simply stuck.


Automattic's implementation will help users make their blogs attractive and easy to read, while still allowing them to use social buttons. This new WordPress feature will make it easy to avoid overwhelming visitors to your site with buttons, as happens many times with other developers.


This is great news for businesses who use a WordPress blog to keep in touch with their customers. The easier it is to read your blog and share the information on it, the more likely your readers are to recommend your blog to their friends. This can gain you more exposure, and this new feature will be a hit with bloggers everywhere thanks to that one fact alone.


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