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Top 5 Free Linking Building Tips

Building links is an essential part of building a growing blog into complete success.  Links will provide your blog with more popularity on various social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Technorati along with a higher page rank with Google. With both the Google page ranking and the higher authority on the social bookmarking sites will make your site be more attractive to interested advertisers willing to pay higher rates to have a pay-per-click spot on your site.


  1. Write compelling content that people will enjoy reading is the best way to get others to link your site to their blogs and websites. Figure out who your audiences who will be on your websites and blogs. Look into your primary and secondary audiences to determine the type of content that will be of interest.  Identify your main goals for your site and the possible expectations your blog will contain.
  2. Submit your blog to blog directories - which provides many ways to increase the amount of income traffic to your site.
  3. Comment on other blogs however be sure to leave a helpful note and don’t forget to leave your URL blog address in the comment form. Over time the SEO (search engine optimization) efforts will be well paid off with more traffic coming directly to your site.  When others will see your comments they will take the time to visit your blog and read your content.
  4. Post regularly on your blog which can improve your search engine traffic as each new post will be captured by the search engines to be filtered and found on their searches.
  5. Use Twitter and Facebook as a means of putting the word out about your blog and the content your blog provides too. Keep in mind to not overdo it by posting the same link too often.  People who would like to share your blog posts will repost your links to their friends, family, and colleagues.


Be Social

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