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Top 5 Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do for SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been one of the best ways to implement into your websites and blogs to gain more traffic to your search. Gaining a higher ranking on the search engines’ results list takes bringing on great content. Content is king and it’s important to write using relevant keywords in order to bring in consistent and continuous traffic to your site.


  1. Avoid using Javascript to write your content as this type of web language does not index too well on the search engines and it will be hard to get your website content on display through the search engines. This does includes the script Ajax and scripts that are used to show and hide text.
  2. Avoid using images to replace text links as search engines will have a difficult time finding your site and ranking it too. The search engines use their spider features looking for links to add to search results. Also using images instead of text will make your web pages load slower so it’s best to use text links.
  3. No misspelling of your keywords in your content as it will easily hurt your credibility and trust with potential clients. Clients who know the correct way to spell words will see the misspelling as unprofessional and not taking the time to review the website for errors.
  4. Try to avoid using more than 3 keywords and phrases with your optimization as it will easily confuse the search engines as there will be too many topics on the page.  It’s recommended to write small paragraphs on each topic in order to get the relevant keywords and phrases on the page.
  5. Watch the amount of keywords in your URL and try to not have more than 10 words in your URL link.  Putting keywords in your URLS is important however having a long URL will put your site on the spam side.


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