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New Twitter Search Features Buy Abilify No Prescription, Twitter is arguably one of the most powerful sites online today, but the microblogging platform’s search function has always left something to be desired. Never fear: Frost Li (a Twitter engineer) posted an announcement on the official Twitter blog that would effectively erase that problem for good.

The post appeared on July 6, following widespread speculation and rumors about how exactly the impending search update would work, Abilify paypal. There’ve been talks that Twitter should tend to its lacking search feature ASAP, but until a couple of days ago, 100mg Abilify, it remained painfully stagnant.

The real frenzy began after Pankaj Gupta, head of Twitter’s Personalization and Recommender Systems, sent a suspicious congratulatory tweet to his team:

Pankaj Gupta's Tweet

The tweet was extremely well-played; it was just ambiguous enough to get the social media world's heart aflutter, Abilify australia. Everyone watched and waited with bated breath until the official announcement was finally posted, Buy Abilify No Prescription. Then, the conversation turned to how to use the new feature. Abilify coupon,

How Twitter’s New Search Function Works

The official announcement on Twitter’s blog explained that the new search function on Twitter was actually an improvement on the original search that already existed on the platform. The biggest change is a Google-esque autocomplete feature that guesses what you’re typing before you finish:

Twitter's New Autocomplete Feature

“Search autocomplete shows you the most likely terms for your query as you enter it — especially useful if you’re trying to follow the hashtag for an event or you’re looking for a certain Twitter account. You can select your query from the drop-down menu even before you finish typing it,” explains Li, 200mg Abilify.

Buy Abilify No Prescription, From there, Twitter divides the results into a few different parts. First, you can view relevant words from recent tweets that match your query. 250mg Abilify, To the left, you’ll also discover people, videos, and images that closely match your search term:

New Twitter Search Results

Twitter added a few other upgrades to its search function that deserve mentioning as well, 750mg Abilify. The improvements also boast a spelling correction feature, which – again – closely mirrors Google’s infamous autocorrect. Abilify mexico, Now, when you misspell a word or phrase in your search, Twitter will automatically display results for the correct spelling of your term.

Additionally, when you’re looking for people, you’ll now get a list of people’s real names along with relevant Twitter handles, Buy Abilify No Prescription. This is a great upgrade for people who are searching for users by name, Abilify overseas. There’s also a new “related suggestion” feature in which Twitter will display results for terms relating to your search. This is an amazing addition because you’ll gain access to the areas of Twitter where the most conversations are happening surrounding your topic of choice – even if you didn’t search for that exact term. Abilify india,

Finally, Twitter added one more key filter to its new and improved search results – results from people you follow:

 Results from People You Follow

Using the “people you follow” feature, you can hunt down conversations happening around a term you search, and you’ll actually know the people doing the tweeting, Abilify uk.

Buy Abilify No Prescription, One major drawback of the new features is that the Twitter archives are pretty much inaccessible the father back you attempt to search. For example, if you type in the query “cats until:2012-05-30”, 10mg Abilify, your search should return results for “cats” until the end of May. Even though Twitter’s archives stretch much farther back than that, there are no results for that query.

Use Twitter’s Search to Increase Your Online Visibility

For private users, Abilify canada, Twitter’s new tools are a wonderful way to search hashtags and keywords that are garnering the most attention on the social network.

However, 40mg Abilify, I’ve read some articles this week that suggest the new features aren’t shaping up to be as exciting as the hype when it comes to social media marketing. For instance, from one post on Marketing Pilgrim:

Marketing Pilgrim's Take on Twitter

To be frank, I found this opinion somewhat surprising coming from an online marketing website, Buy Abilify No Prescription. Twitter’s lackluster archival capability is not necessarily a bad thing. Think about it: We have search engines to dig into the Web content of the past – but that’s not what Twitter is designed to do. Twitter serves as the best platform for discovering the conversations and trends that are happening on the ‘net in real-time, Abilify craiglist, and that’s precisely what the new-and-improved search function helps users to unearth.

As for “nominal gain, Abilify us, ” I must disagree on this point as well. Buy Abilify No Prescription, From a marketing standpoint, site owners have a great amount to gain from Twitter’s new search features. First, let’s keep in mind that Google and Bing are rapidly increasing the significance of social signals in their ranking algorithms. It’s important to get your websites, Abilify japan, name, and brand talked about on Twitter, 500mg Abilify, Facebook, and social bookmarking sites if you want to stay in the Internet marketing game long-term.

But how can the new search features help webmasters gain information and exposure on Twitter.

First, Abilify ebay, new webmasters and those looking to get into the niche site business stand to gain plenty. A simple search for their niche’s topic will return keywords in the auto-suggest dropdown box – and those keywords are coming from the things that people are talking about in real-time, Buy Abilify No Prescription. Imagine how powerful that is. 150mg Abilify, You can keep your niche site updated with articles answering questions people are asking as they’re asking them – and if your content answers their questions well, you could soon find your site rapidly approaching authority status in your niche.

Additionally, if you’re promoting a product or service, 20mg Abilify, you now have a way to search out what people are saying and sharing about your offerings. You’ll have your finger on the pulse of your audience, Abilify usa, which means you can participate in the conversations as they’re happening, adjust accordingly in real-time, and tweet about it along the way. Buy Abilify No Prescription, This will keep your current customers happier and allow you to attract new ones, too.

Another great research tool for niche website owners is the search return of topics people are talking about surrounding the topic, 1000mg Abilify. For example, if you own a dog-walking site, 50mg Abilify, and you search Twitter for “dog-walking,” you could use the information returned to pinpoint conversations people are having about dog-walking, get in on the action, attract readers, 30mg Abilify, and gather some killer material for future content to add to your site or blog

How Bloggers Can Benefit from Twitter's New Search

Speaking of blogs, if you’re a blogger, Twitter’s new search function has some massive advantages for you, too. An essential component of building a blog is interaction with the blogging community in your niche. In the past, you'd need to track down other bloggers in forums and map out potential connections by checking links in blogrolls. It was an exhaustive and tedious process, and a waste of precious time that could be otherwise spent creating content, Buy Abilify No Prescription.

Now, with Twitter’s search function, new bloggers can simply search for keywords relating to their niche, and they’ll likely find bloggers tweeting away about all sorts of things. It’s easy as pie to jump in and network from there – as well as to get ideas for new blog posts that other bloggers would actually want to read.

Get Ready - Search Marketing is on the Move

Wow. This is only the beginning... Buy Abilify No Prescription, can you feel it. I think there is a fundamental shift happening in the world of social media marketing right now, and Twitter’s upgrades are only the beginning. Adaptability and early identification of opportunities is the key to success in the online world today.

That’s why the time to utilize Twitter’s new search is now – build up your brand and online identity as quickly as possible, before spammers defile the results and dilute the listings for popular keywords. That will happen eventually, but right now, there is immense opportunity to be found using the Big T. Go get your piece of the action before it's too late.


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