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Flipping Domains Goes Local

Domain name flipping is the method that is used for the buying and selling of domain names. The process is so easy that just about anyone can do it. Most flippers opt for a third party listing website, but you can easily maximize your profits by convincing someone to buy, but how?

Convincing someone to buy your domain name requires you to make sure it is worth the money. You can’t create a valuable domain name by typing in a bunch of letters. Domain names that sell are those that are short, easy to read, make sense, and contain a popular keyword or keyword phrase. If you just carelessly create domain names, opt for a third party listing website where you may be lucky to make $50.

You should have a good domain name to flip. When buying that domain name, first think of someone who would buy it. For example, do you have a lot of welders in your area who don’t have online websites? If so, start buying domain names that contain their business name or slight variations of it. When adapting domain name buying to a specific buyer, it is easier for you to make a profit.

Once you’ve purchased a domain name, what is next? If a business is established and has been operating for years, they may not contact you. This is because some feel they do not need a website. Unfortunately, this is a costly mistake. Many customers are completely foregoing their phonebooks and using the internet to find local businesses, including plumbers. Use this as part of your sales pitch.

The first step in convincing someone to buy your for sale domain name is to convince them that they need a website. When targeting business owners, state the fact that many consumers now use the internet to research local businesses. Say that adding information about the plumbing business and pictures of employees will give consumers peace of mind. They aren’t just hiring anyone to come inside their home. For retail storeowners, highlight the fact that products can be sold online too.

Once you are able to convince a business owner that they need a website, you need to convince them to purchase your domain name. This can be tricky. For starters, consider business profits. A company that just lay off ten employees, likely isn’t going to be able to pay $50,000 for a domain name. If you created a domain name specifically for the pitch, set the amount at a reasonable price, such as $2,000. If you were able to score an unregistered name for $10, you still make a profit. This is a win win situation for everyone involved.

If you decide to target local business owners and agree to lower your asking price to meet their needs, buy as many domains as possible. To maximize your profits, sell many. Instead of spending 5 days arguing with a business owner to buy your domain name for $50,000, spend one day targeting business owners. Even if you sell for $10,000 each, you make the same amount of money and in the same amount of time.


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