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How to Make Money with Expired Domain Names

Everybody is searching for more ways to make money successfully and efficiently in the world of online marketing and business these days. One untapped resource that you are probably not yet taking advantage of is the field of expired domains. An expired domain name can potentially earn you a great deal of cash and it can be another powerful tool to have at your disposal in your quest to be as successful as possible in the online marketplace.


First of all, you must of course recognize what an expired domain name is. It's a domain name that was purchased by somebody else and either forgotten about or not renewed. That means that the original owner no longer has possession of it, although there may be a period of 30-45 days before it hits the open marketplace again.


As somebody looking to make money from expired domains, the first step in the process is being able to keep track of these names. You can do manual checks for this kind of thing and of course that can work although it will eat up a lot of time. The good news is that there are now many automated tools, services and sites out there that will allow you to quickly find expired domains based on dates, keywords, topics, traffic and more.


Now that you know about how to find some of these expired domains, you of course need to know how to actually go about earning some cash from them. You will have several different options at your disposal, and different situations call for different courses of action.


Perhaps the best case scenario is when you purchase an expired domain that was made into a real website and was able to establish itself somewhat. This site will have a supply of traffic already, and will also having incoming links leading to it. You can then redirect that traffic to your own website to quickly add more visitors.


An alternative in this situation is to throw up new content on that existing website that produces affiliate income or displays other advertisements. This way you can keep the site and its traffic intact for a time, but you can quickly and easily start squeezing some money out of it.


Even if the website never really was built and therefore doesn't have any traffic, you can still quickly start earning. Build a micro-site based around the keywords in the domain, and use it either as a direct push for a product or affiliate program, or as a launching pad to your main site. Either way it won't take you long to develop at all.


These are just a few of the ways that you can make money with expired domains. It's all about being able to find them and being able to find the right ones. From there, you can build new content, sell affiliate products, redirect traffic and more, whichever solution is best for your particular case.


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