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Number Of Registered Domain Names Approaching 200 Million

Twenty-five years ago, the first domain name was registered. A new report has shows the number of registered domain names has broken the 192 million mark.

Network infrastructure company, Verisign, has released a report that shows an extra 11 million domain names were registered in the fourth quarter of 2009, taking the number to 15 million in total since the end of 2008 and now quickly approaching 200 million overall.

The end of last year saw the well-known .com and .net domain names reach 96.7 million. That’s up seven per cent from the same quarter last year, with a stable renewal rate of 71 per cent – 70.5 per cent in the previous quarter.

“It took some time for .com to take off. Two and a half years after the first registration, only 100 total .com domain name registrations existed. Then came the '.com boom', with nearly 20 million names registered in the next two years” the report states. “The emergence of online businesses as well as early speculative activity fuelled the rapid growth.”

Still proving to be popular, the .uk domain was the third most registered regional domain after .cn for China and .de for Germany.



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