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How To Turn Expired Domain Names Into Profits

Selling expired domain names is an important part of domain trading. A domain trader who excels in this activity can amass internet riches within a short time. A domain trader who is an experienced web master will have an edge over other traders. An expired domain name that receives a considerable amount of traffic has a lot of commercial value and could fetch a very high price. There are domain-trading entrepreneurs who are earning thousands of dollars every year. It is really not very complicated, but a little luck helps, too.


The initial step in the domain trading business is finding a relevant keyword that relates to the domain. Make certain that you are choosing a keyword not frequently used. A good keyword analyzer will help you evaluate and assess the commercial viability of a particular keyword. There are a number of free keyword search tools you could use, but they may not offer the best of features necessary to conduct your research. You may want to purchase a keyword tool that offers additional utilities to make your investigation more thorough. Paid keyword trackers also offer you further details on a chosen keyword like density, search probability and keyword demand. A carefully chosen keyword will help you choose the most suitable expired domain name.


Monetizing an expired domain name means adding value and empowering it to produce more money for your efforts. You may consider buying a web-hosting package to design a good website to send people to the expired domain. Your overall focus should be to drive as much traffic to the domain as possible.


Choosing a good theme for your website will make it more attractive for your visitors. You can even design a website with a page or two to appeal to your visitors. If you wish, you can add and integrate relevant content to your website.


You will also need assistance from other sources to monetize the expired domain name. Potential methods include enrolling your web portal with a first-class affiliate program or other commercial programs like Google Adsense. These beneficial programs afford you an opportunity to earn income by the way of click-through commission.


Traffic building is conceivably the best-known monetization technique. If you are convinced that it’s worth it, you can even buy traffic from a commercial seller. Make certain that you are buying a good pack of organic and generic traffic and not incentive ones. A good yielding traffic pack will help you to increase the overall traffic to your site by other portals. To increase the viability of your traffic, you can register the domain with major search engines and online directories. The ultimate goal of your expired domain trading business is to build links over a period, so that the domain becomes commercially valuable.


Finally, when you sense that your expired domain is ready for auction with a good flow of traffic, you can begin the process of selling it by subscribing to major auction sites. If the expired domain based site is good, you can anticipate selling it for a premium price.


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