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Alternative Marketplaces For Those Fed Up With Ebay

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How To Sell In The UK With eBay

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Android Users Welcome Official eBay App

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eBay Has Strong Third-Quarter Thanks to PayPal

eBay released its third quarter financial numbers and thanks to the strong growth of its PayPal division, both its revenue and net income increased.   In the third-quarter of 2010, eBay made $2.238 billion in revenue, which was actually up 1% from the same quarter in 2009.   While eBay's marke.... More »

eBay Auction Guidelines For Adding Links

The wildly popular auction site, eBay, has a few rules that are necessary to insure that everyone is playing fairly. EBay auctions enable you to make easy money without having the operating cost or the stress of running other types of businesses so it is a good idea to follow the rules. This is part.... More »

Many online auction sellers have moved on from eBay for a variety of reasons. Some had their accounts suspended due to stricter selling regulations. Some were no longer turning a profit due to eBay’s high listing fees, final value fees and, lets not forget, PayPal fees. Others were squeezed out by legitimate competition and, in many cases, by large companies that received sweet deals on fees (such as

But whatever your reason for seeking an alternative to eBay, the important thing is knowing there are other online marketplaces where you can start making money again. Here are a few eBay alternatives that you may want to look into (in no particular order): .. Although these are not listed in any particular order, I’ll start with Amazon because the are the most successful of all of the sites I’m reviewing. This means they also have the largest customer base. You’ll find that when trying out some internet marketplaces, no matter how nice the interface, or how easy it is to sell, it doesn’t matter if that marketplace doesn’t put buyers in front of your products.

Another welcome benefit of Amazon is that there are no listing fees. Unlike eBay, where you pay a fee on everything you list, Amazon only charges fees for items that are sold. This can save you a ton of money in the long run! Overall, the final fees from Amazon marketplace listings are comparable to what you’d pay eBay for the final value fees plus the PayPal fees.

The remaining websites in this list won’t expose you to anywhere near the number of buyers that you will see on eBay or Amazon. .. Established in 2001, ioffer is one of the more established eBay look-a-likes. As the name implies, ioffer focuses heavily on the “best offer” type of system. Most buyers prefer to make offers on products rather than buy them outright. If you are comfortable with haggling, then you could do fairly well on ioffer.

ioffer does have bulk listing options and other nice features that make selling fairly simple. One thing to be familiar with is their “COPS” program, which is similar to eBay’s VeRO program, in that listings may be pulled without warning or explanation. This could prove to be problematic, especially for sellers in the media category because ioffer’s COPS program may think you’re offering bootleg copies of DVDs. .. The popular new kid in town, it has become very popular with sellers. Bonanzle is praised for its ease of use, bulk listing capabilities, and an automatic feed to Google products, which gives your items more visibility. However, so far the buyer base is still pretty small.

There is some controversy surrounding the revenue generation tactics that Bonanzle employs. They link to Amazon’s affiliate program throughout their website, which may drive your potential buyers away if Amazon is offering the same thing for a lower cost.

Bonanzle does have a lot of promise and in a few years, who knows, it may turn out to be a strong eBay alternative. .. eBid appears to be a pretty big operation. At the time of this writing, eBid had about 2.4 million active listings, compared to eBay’s 29 million. Though looking at the number of listings doesn’t indicate how many sales are actually taking place. eBid’s website seems to focus more on their UK counterpart, but in recent years the US side has grown in popularity.

eBid’s fees are reasonably low, and you can choose from PayPal or Google Checkout as a payment vehicle. If eBid ever really takes gets going in the US, it would be well worth the cost of a lifetime membership at $49.99. Only time will tell.

This is, by no means, a full list of all the eBay alternatives available. These suggestions are just good places to start.


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