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eBay Partner Network is Making Changes to Payout Structure

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eBay Has Strong Third-Quarter Thanks to PayPal

eBay released its third quarter financial numbers and thanks to the strong growth of its PayPal division, both its revenue and net income increased.   In the third-quarter of 2010, eBay made $2.238 billion in revenue, which was actually up 1% from the same quarter in 2009.   While eBay's marke.... More »

If you joined eBay’s Partner Network before September 1 you are being switched over to the Quality Click Pricing (QCP) payout structure on October 1. This does not apply to or to loyalty and cash back publishers, who will remain on the existing CPA payment structure.


It is recommended that you use next weeks Preview report to see what your earnings will be on the new Quality Click Pricing system. You can then begin to optimize your campaigns.


The EPC Preview Report will stop updating with new data on Oct 1st. However, the EPC Preview Reports for August and September will be available through the interface until Nov.1. If you want to keep the reports longer you will need to export them to excel and save them to your computer.


ACRU Campaign Quality Scores for the US will not be updated after Oct. 1 for all publishers moving to QCP. Past reports will be available in the interface for two months after they were generated.


Also starting October 1 publishers will have to link their eBay username with their ePN account to be able to post on the eBay Partner Network boards. You can read more about it here.


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