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eBay Policy Changes

eBay is planning to update some things, namely Feedback, Seller Standards and the Buyer Protection systems. The updates are designed to make sure that the performance ratings you receive as a seller are actually a real and true reflection of the service that you provided.


For example, if you delivered an item quickly, and offered free shipping on it, then the rating will actually reflect those facts. You will also be able to report the experience with the buyer to eBay and find out how the company plans on using that info.


Let's say you offer to sell a coffeepot and the buyer decides to use the free shipping that you are offering. eBay will give the transaction 5 stars for shipping costs. Beginning in November, you will be able to specify whether your business offers a 1-day handling time, will be able to upload tracking info by the end of the next business day once payment clears, and more. You'll get 5 stars for shipping time automatically if the package arrives within 4 business days from where the buyer paid for - of if it arrives by what your estimated delivery date was if that was earlier than the 4 days eBay gives.


Beginning next month, sellers will be able to access a reporting hub. Here, sellers can share the experiences they have with buyers on eBay. You'll find links to the hub in lots of places, including the Seller Dashboard, Feedback flow, Contact Us page on eBay, and the Selling Manager Pro. Info that is submitted will allow eBay to take action against both buyers and sellers when the need arises.


November will see some changes for sellers on the dashboard. There will be the number of times you received negative feedback, low DSRs and Buyer Protection cases that eBay removed from your account because of their detection methods and reporting. In the Feedback flow you'll also find delivery dates and item condition.


Buyers will soon have to wait a bit longer before they open cases. While they still enjoy buyer protection, this keeps sellers from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous buyers. Some cases will be removed from sellers' performance records altogether.


eBay is trying to help buyers have an easier time finding what they want and increase sellers' exposure with a new Duplicate Listing policy. This policy prevents search results from being overwhelmed with dozens of multiple duplicate listings of the exact same item from the exact same seller.


An item offered in a Fixed Price listing will need to be different in both buyer value and benefit in from other Fixed Price listings to not be counted as a duplicate.


eBay will automatically take care of ending duplicate Fixed Price listings as well as keep the best performer. Insertion Fees and listing upgrade fees for ended listings will be credited. Those sellers who keep making duplicate listings for items that are identical can face listing cancellation, limits on account privileges, loss of fees, loss of seller status, and possibly even account suspension.


Another important point to remember is that Fixed Price listings that are newly listed will not get an upfront allotment of impressions in the Best Match search results.


If your online business is on eBay, do you think these changes will help or hinder your business?



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