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Distributing Promotions With Your Ebook

Simple downloadable PDF files are the standard method of distribution for eBooks. What could be easier than clicking on a link and having your browser automatically load the PDF file? Well, you may be missing a wonderful opportunity to promote your business and earn more money.

What if you created a ZIP file containing several files in addition to the eBook itself. You could simply upload these files and hope the reader downloads them after they’ve read the PDF. But, with the files packaged in a ZIP file, you have an opportunity to re-enforce your customer’s purchasing decision, encourage consumption or usage of the product, and cross-promote other products. You can also slip in some unannounced bonuses too.

Included in your ZIP file it is customary to create a text document named “Read First” which thanks the customer for purchase. Additionally, it recommends the next steps the customer should follow to benefit from your product, states the rights that the customer has to the product and usually includes a promotion as well. If you want to encourage customers to sign up for an email list, one good tactic is to offer an unannounced bonus and require them to sign up in order to get the download link for the bonus. This file is the perfect place to announce the bonus.

When you are reselling products that you have purchased the rights to distribute, creating a “Read First” file is even more essential. Many resale product policies do not allow you to modify the content of the eBook, so you have no opportunity to add your own links inside. The addition of this extra file inside the ZIP file you deliver to your customer is your chance to build your business beyond a single sale. The vital element involved is to make sure to include some type of promotion.


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