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How To Make Space In Your eBook To Make Money

The purpose of your eBook is important in determining which form of acceptable advertising should be considered.  This could be advertising that you can take advantage of to create additional streams of income or to promote your own products. Affiliate links, affected items, items related to the eBook niche and up sells are only a few forms of advertising.

The easiest way to add advertising to your eBook is to add an appendix of recommended resources and more. These resources are a valuable and viable advertising method. These can be from your own products, from a matching niche or area of sale or from other select marketers. Just make sure whatever advertising or product you promote has value and is an asset to your eBook and the credibility you have built in your niche. And remember, never promote a product or program that you do not believe in.

You should also limit the number of items you promote or your eBook and project will lose its perceived value. Another strong advertising technique is to add a promotion for a product right at the start.  This should be for one of your own projects. This will give a person a reason to sign up.

Nearly everyone would love to receive a freebie and most people want to give loyal customers or readers a deal but the reality of marketing is that the most important tools cost money.  So promoting a product in your eBook, whether its yours or someone else’s will help you with costs and make it possible for a few free items for your readers.

No matter what advertising or product you choose to promote, it should be one you’ve personally used and should match or add value to your overall theme of your niche. Trust is a powerful goal you need in producing an eBook that will attract readers and good advertising practices will add to your trust and value of your eBook if you choose wisely.


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