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The E-Book Publishing Craze

So, you think you have a great topic and want to publish an E-book? You will be joining thousands of others in this endeavor.


It seems a lot of self publishing companies are now offering E-book deals which is bundled into their print book publishing packages. It also makes them harder to break down and assess. The whole business can be very confusing actually and if you want to get involved in publishing an E-book you will need to know some basic tips.


As in self published books the same rule applies to an E-book, it has to be good or it won’t sell your product.


In today’s world everything has to be able to catch someone’s eye and look professional. Your cover image has to make your E-book stand out because it can make or break your sales. Have the image professionally created by a graphic designer who has experience in this area.


The most dominant authors will knows that the price of your E-book is a very significant in order to get it to sell. Check out the prices ranges on sites such as Amazon and Kindle. Definitely avoid any companies that will not allow you to set your own price. You need to be in control of your E-book pricing.


Market your E-book by creating as much public awareness as you possibly can. This can be done via social media or blogging. Think about trying an aggregator’s solution to get your book into the many e-bookstores.


Don’t be afraid to mix and match and go with direct by uploading your own file and managing your own account and then add the aggregator for additional distribution of your E-book to other e-book stores.


The E-book market is forever changing just keep yourself informed of those changes and you can be successful with your E-book publishing.



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