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Yesterday’s Media Can Coexist With Social Media

As blogs and Twitter rise in popularity, there are many abandoning their email newsletters.  However, newsletters are still a very effective tool in your marketing strategy.  You should consider these suggestions on how to merge your newsletter into your social media strategy.

You should archive your newsletter. Your email newsletter should be part of your web content marketing strategy, and as such, it should be included on your website.  Make sure you post your newsletter archive on your site, not that of your email provider. This content is great for SEO.

Incorporate blog or FaceBook content. Consider your newsletter one part of your brand building strategy. Think about how you can include content from your blog and other social networks in your newsletter and vice versa. Remember, this isn't simply putting the same content in different places, but rather it is a way to summarize and continue the conversation.

Your approach when writing your newsletter should allow for making your newsletter easy to share on Twitter and Facebook.  

Your newsletter is the perfect opportunity to invite your readers to interact with you, so they may want to connect with you on other social networks as well. Include the graphics for these social networks to call attention to them.

This is a good example of adapting the tried-and-true “old school” media with the up-and-coming social media that has reached the highest imaginable acceptance. Good luck.


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