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Facebook Users Aware of Privacy Issues


F-Secure, an anti-virus and computer security software company has reported that while many users of Facebook enjoy the social networking site while they are at work, 73 percent of them have not nor have no plans to add their boss to their Friend list.


Over half of Facebook users, around 58 percent, claim that they use Facebook intermittently at work, while 77 percent say that they do make use of the privacy settings that Facebook provides.


The Security Advisor for F-Secure, Sean Sullivan, states that the company has discovered that Facebook users are more perceptive when it comes to online privacy than has been assumed by experts in this area.


Since Facebook is taking steps to make more of the information its users provide public, those who use the service have become more aware that their privacy may be compromised at some point. Over a third of Facebook users admit that at some point in time, they have posted information on the site that they wish they had not.


This study also showed that seventy percent of those who post photos on Facebook have taken the steps needed to back up some of these photos. This figure, when compared to the fifty-six percent of all computer users who stated that they backed up their photos in a study done in 2009, proves that Facebook users are more aware of the need to ensure the safety of their digital media.


Mr. Sullivan also states that while Facebook is a free service, those who use it do pay for the privilege by seeing advertisements and sharing details of their lives that can be searched and shared by others, and also be turned into something of value for those who have a page for their business on the service.

It is no surprise that Facebook users want more control over the information they post, and want to be able to know who this info is being shared with.

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