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Article Marketing for Your Online Business


Instead of paying for various SEO tools and software in order to be effective at online marketing, why not try article marketing? If you can write a simple article, then you can get involved in online marketing for nothing but the time it takes for you to do the writing. True, using SEO tools and/or software can save the online entrepreneur a lot of time, for as the old saying goes, “Time is money.” However, for those just starting an online business, article marketing can be the answer they have been searching for.


Newcomers to online marketing should get started with online marketing even before they start list building. Some may disagree, but they also cannot deny that article marketing can help greatly with building a list. You place a link to your blog or website in each article, submit them to one or more article directories, and those that are interested in what you have to sell will click on those links to visit your site.


The articles you write will be geared toward the niche you have chosen, for their purpose is to allow you to market your products and services. These articles can drive your targeted traffic to your blog or website, which can cause either to be ranked higher in search engine results, especially if they are sprinkled with keywords that relate to the product or service that is the subject of your niche.


Keywords are what individuals search for on the popular search engines. Researching the popular keywords will help immensely in your article marketing. If you focus on the keywords that rack up a lot of searches on a monthly basis, but are not used by many online marketers, then you have found keywords that will work for you.

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