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Bada Bing Bada Boom: Bing Is Now In Second Place

Move over Yahoo, Bing has officially taken second place for search market share.


According to Chitika, Google is still top-dog when it comes to search engine traffic. That's no big surprise. Google is everywhere. How many times have you heard someone say, "Oh, I'll just Google it...?" But Yahoo has maintained second place for quite some time now, in the search engine world. That is, until July 2009, when Microsoft relaunched it's original search engine, Live Search, as Bing. Thanks to an advertising blitz and a steady push for more users, Bing finally overtook Yahoo at the number two spot in January 2010.


It's important to remember that most US-based rating services companies still list Yahoo in second place. Why? Chitika goes about their ratings a little bit differently. They measure the number of visitors how many visitors leave a search engine and come to sites in its own network. That's now how it's usually done. Other US-based rating companies measure activity at the search engine sites themselves.


There is much speculation over the difference in how these place-settings are determined. But what's clear is that Bing is making a name for itself in the search engine market share at a very fast pace.


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