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Battle of the Browsers – IE9 vs. Firefox vs. Chrome

New browsers are coming out every day with hopes of making it to the top with the most usage however competition is still. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has lost some of its footing against Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The Internet Explorer has had problems with their service support and a poor performance against their competition. Now with the new browser IE9, Microsoft has taken on a new way of using HTML5, CSS3 with an additional focus on increasing speed and web standards.  The HTML5 Canvas, HTML5 audio, and video tags which brings on flash type of content however they don’t use other third party plugins and applications to do the job. IE9 uses DirectX 10 which is a hardware acceleration tool and the results were amazing compared to the other browsers Chrome and Firefox.  Another large issue with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer are their security problems. Microsoft has recently been advertising heavily with major television advertising campaigns with a focused attempt to get their browser back on top.  Microsoft has had over 16 million visitors to their site downloading the test drive version and preview IE9.  The IE9 Platform Preview has recorded over 2 million downloads of the browser.  Microsoft has also released a video on showing all of the features of what the IE9 browser can do and encourage visitors to try it out for themselves and let them to be the judge of this new browser.  More background on the Microsoft’s IE9 is that is development team shows an improvement of speed and enhanced a performance which is a step up from Microsoft’s previous version of Internet Explorer 8.  IE9 has shown to outperform Firefox and Chrome 4 in speed. Microsoft has been elusive with their estimated time of arrival for the full version of IE9 but they've noted they are indeed working as quickly as possible to release the completed public version.

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