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Can You Really Generate Web Traffic for Free?



The most difficult thing about generating free web traffic is consistency. Many people give up too soon, and declare that getting free web traffic is impossible. The truth of the matter is that there are many different techniques for you to choose from in order to attract free, targeted traffic to your web site. Once you have chosen one or more of these techniques, you should stick with your choices for a while. You are not going to start receiving a lot of unique visitors until you have used these methods for a while. Generating web traffic for free can take time, but the results are well worth it.


What are some of the ways you can generate web traffic at no cost to you? One method is to find other websites that are promoting the same niche as you that seem to be well established with steady traffic. Once you have located several websites that are similar to yours, drop a message to the webmaster or to the owner of the website, and ask if you can exchange content with them. In your message, let them know that you would be willing to post one of their articles on your website, and include a link to their website if they would do the thing same for you.


Backlinks are another way for you to generate free web traffic. The procedure is the same as for exchanging content but instead of articles, you will be exchanging links with other websites. Article marketing can also be used to create free web traffic. You will need to write articles that have to do with your niche. Then, you post these articles to one or more article directories with a link and a short paragraph promoting your web site. Once those who are interested in your product or service read the article, they will usually visit your website by using the link you have included.

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