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Chinese Government Crack Down on Micro Blogging Companies

In China, Twitter has now been banned for over a year, and Chinese Internet companies have been trying to fill the void offering micro blogging services that will allow uses to post updates and follow others.

However, these companies are now coming under pressure from Chinese censors due to a squeeze by the Chinese government’s continued control over new services.

Any form of news content on the Chinese Internet Websites are censored and online news editors with the major Internet portals receive dictates from the government on what can and what cannot be publish. However, the micro blogs of the internet portals had less of a censorship and were proved to be freer and carried news and comments. which became a budding replica of Twitter was shut down by the government amid a major campaign to tighten their internet controls.

Beijing, China has been tightening controls over the country’s ever increasing internet industry which is noted as having the world’s largest users. There are now new regulations concerning online gaming, mapping as well as e-commerce.

China’s large Internet portals are putting up notice up on their websites that they are in a testing mode. They are upgrading their sites and are even trying to run the micro blogs in the testing mode.

However these companies are also denying that there is government intervention and they insist that this is all due to upgrading of their sites features.

Whatever the reasons these micro blogging companies are using, it will be a matter of time before they are shut down by the government censors.


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