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Cloudhopper Acquired by Twitter


Twitter, the microblogging platform that has become so familiar to web users, has acquired Cloudhopper, which is an SMS infrastructure. This will work well with Twitter’s new Promoted Tweets advertising service. Kevin Thau, who is the director of mobile business development at Twitter, said that Twitter purchased the company so that they could continue to develop, grow, and scale their own SMS service.


Twitter receives and processes almost one billion SMS Tweets every day. The company has begun to increase its dealings with marketers, and has gathered several brands that advertise on Twitter via the Promoted Tweets. These brands include Bravo, Starbucks, Sony Pictures, Best Buy, Red Bull, and Virgin American. Twitter made changes to its platform and terms of service last fall in order to allow advertising on the service.


Marketing analysts believe that this move will allow Twitter to better monetize its web site.

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