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Discount Augmentin, Have you ever felt the urge to tag that can of Coke or cup of Starbucks you're holding in a Facebook picture. 100mg Augmentin, Apparently many people have. Coca-Cola's Facebook page has several pictures of fans posing with tagged Coke cans, Augmentin craiglist. Augmentin australia, Coca-Cola encouraged its fans to start tagging their photos within hours of Facebook's announcement. People that frequent Starbucks are also getting in on the act as they are tagging their lattes, 150mg Augmentin. Basically what this boils down to is product placement for social media, Discount Augmentin. Augmentin ebay, The only difference is the individual user is not getting paid to post a picture of themselves with the product like actor are.

Facebook gave users the option of tagging their pictures with brands on May 11th, 50mg Augmentin. 30mg Augmentin, Photos that are tagged appear in the photos tab of a page instead of on that Pages wall. Therefore, 750mg Augmentin, 200mg Augmentin, these photos are more prominent. Discount Augmentin, People are speculating that Facebook could monetize this feature by making it automatic instead of voluntary as it is now. In other words instead of tagging your photo yourself, Augmentin paypal, Augmentin uk, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, 20mg Augmentin, 500mg Augmentin, or Zappos could do it for you. This does bring up the concern of more ways for people to spam with photos, Augmentin coupon. Augmentin canada, Facebook needs to come up with a way to curb that issue before making a feature like this automatic.

I do not think I like the idea of this being an automatic feature very much, Augmentin india. If Facebook wants to make money from my pictures, then they should be willing to share some of the revenues with me as the user, Discount Augmentin. 10mg Augmentin, Now I'm not saying that Facebook is planning to monetize this feature in this way. However, Augmentin overseas, 250mg Augmentin, if they do, they should find a way to pay the user for the photo because if the user never would have taken the photo, Augmentin us, Augmentin mexico, Facebook wouldn't have had anything for the corporate sponsor to tag.

What do you think about this new feature, 40mg Augmentin. Augmentin japan, Are you likely to use the feature in the future. Do you think that will help individuals out more or big corporations, Augmentin usa. 1000mg Augmentin, Do you think Facebook should try to monetize this feature. How would you feel if a company automatically tagged one of your photos without your permission.

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