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Foursquare is Testing An “Add To Foursquare” Button with the Wall Street Journal


It is said that one of the best ways to know that an online service is thriving is when you can see their buttons popping up everywhere on the web. Web users have seen it happen with Facebook, and also with Twitter. Starting today, web users will also see Foursquare buttons scattered here and there around the net.


However, these new Foursquare buttons have not been designed to be as omnipresent as some of the other sharing buttons that are seemingly everywhere. The Foursquare button will let those who provide content give their readers easy, one-click access that enables them to add different locations to their to-do list on Foursquare. The Wall Street Journal is the first partner to test the Add to Foursquare buttons. Starting today, the WSJ web site will have the Foursquare buttons next to venues that are featured in restaurant reviews and other cultural articles.


There will be tips written by an editor of the Wall Street Journal that are written to go along with the locations that users can add to their to-do list. These tips will get populated on the user’s Foursquare page. The tip will have a link that goes right back to the Wall Street Journal article, so WSJ will also benefit from the increased traffic.


At this time, only the Wall Street Journal will have the Foursquare buttons. However, the word is out that Foursquare is very interested in finding a way to allow other brands to take advantage of it in the future. This new Add to Foursquare button seems to be a lot like the new Twitter At Anywhere button to many people, yet they look forward to using it, as it seems to be more about extending Foursquare and all of its features to the entire web instead of directly sharing interesting items with others.

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